Installation Tips

MotoTube & MegaTube Mounting Tips

Almost all mounting situations for the tool tubes are custom.  The Suzuki Vstrom with givi side racks combination happens to be a very easy one, the brackets of the tube align well with the available anchor points. Other racks can be fairly easy, but many benefit from an intermediate adapter plate, usually 1/8" thick aluminum flat plate, 3" wide by about 14". The plate holds the tube, and is cut to fit the available anchor points the rack provides.

In this example, I installed a MegaLock Tube to a KTM 790 Adventure R with a Touratech pannier rack with Mosko Moto pannier plates. The aluminum plate spans the width of the rack vertical tubes portions, the MegaLock Tube bolts to the plate. I used the Zip Kit, a 21" heavy duty zip attached to the plate using a zip tie anchor. Small zip ties helped keep the p clamps compressed and in place, making the install much easier.

Mounting to a bike without racks, or mounting independent of the rack, takes a little more thought and effort. I generally start by holding the tube in a likely location, making sure clearances from tires, suspension, boots, etc are acceptable. I then look for likely anchor points. Often a helmet lock can be removed, and the threaded holes used, and passenger foot pegs frame anchors can be utilized. I typically use the aluminum plate again, 1 1/2" or 2" wide works well. Hang some aluminum from the frame mount spots, locate the tube on those, and drill and bolt the tube to that.  

Occasionally variations include cutting off the tube brackets and using the Unimount Kit hardware to suspend the the tube. The zip ties in the kit are 175 lb and 250 lb rated, so not much chance of zip tie failure. They make the mounting flexible, and ideal for rough roads and off road.  I recommend any tube mount that will see off road use has at least one zip tie backup, wrapped around the body and anchored. The brackets are strong, but not invincible.  

BMW 1200 GS. This bike, and other BMWs, typically best fit the MotoTube, if mounted inside the right rear luggage rack. The MegaTube is too big for this space. The tube also requires and adapter plate to span the gap between the tubes bracket mounting holes, and the rack's vertical tubing members. I've used aluminum flat stock, 1/8" x 3" x about 14" long.  I have a template for end cuts and holes, based on mounting one of these on a customers bike.